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Southwild Jaguar Suites

Luxury floating accommodations amidst one of the world's prime jaguar hotspots deep in the Pantanal.


SouthWild Jaguar Suites combines the views and location of a boat with the spacious comfort of a hotel to create an innovative approach to wildlife viewing. The stationary flotel, which contains 12 surprisingly large rooms, is situated on the Piquiri River at the southern edge of Meeting-of-the-Waters State Park, in an ideal spot for observing jaguars.

Life at SouthWild Jaguar Suites

Even when you are tucked inside your oversized room in the floating lodge, you will still feel that you are surrounded by nature. Each 314-square-foot room features a 13-foot wide floor-to-ceiling window with views over the river to the sandy banks where jaguars often stroll. From your room, you may be able to watch the big cats hunt for caimans and capybara on the beach.

For even better views, head to the open sun deck on the third floor. While on the top deck, you can also grab a seat in the shaded dining area, have a meal fresh off the barbeque grill, or pick up a drink at the bar. Then, head to the lecture room to hear a talk on the wildlife of the Pantanal region. At night, dream of the next day’s adventures in a comfortable mosquito-net-draped bed while listening to the gentle lap of the water against the boat.

Excursions In Jaguarland

Though the Pantanal region covers 42-million acres, jaguars inhabit just 0.5% of that space. That zone, lovingly referred to as “Jaguarland” by the SouthWild team, is the floating lodge’s home. SouthWild Jaguar Suites program of jaguar observation excursions, which draws in wildlife photographers from around the world, is designed to get you as close as possible to the animals in their natural environment.

You will have the opportunity to go out on the lodge’s photo boat, which is equipped with seven rotating seats and tripods with Wimberly-brand gimbal heads capable of supporting large lenses. Along the way, you will be accompanied by a full-time English-speaking jaguar naturalist. Not only will this expert help you find and photograph wildlife, but they also maintain a high-quality dossier of the 190 individual jaguars which the lodge’s guest have photographed since 2006. You will even have the opportunity for golden-hour and sunset excursions, since SouthWild Jaguar Suites’ prime location eliminates the need to commute back to a city-based hotel.

A Wildlife Photographer’s Delight

Realizing that both professional and amateur wildlife photographers have specific travel needs, the rooms at SouthWild Jaguar Flotel are designed to accommodate camera and technology gear. Since photographers spend as much time managing files and editing photos, each suite includes ample workspace. Get down to work over WIFI while sitting in the two adjustable, padded office chairs in each room. Two workspaces, with large desktops, provide space for your laptops, hard drives, lenses, and other gear. And, you will never need to worry about dead batteries when you keep everything charging and plugged into 22 easy-to-access electrical outlets.

Whether you are a professional photographer or are just a discerning traveler looking for a fresh way to see animals in the wild, SouthWild Jaguar Suites is poised to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Please note the Jaguar Extreme itinerary featured involves overnights at either SouthWild Pantanal Lodge or Hotel Mato Grosso on the first and last nights so transfers don’t get too tiring, given the remoteness of the flotel. Despite these not being located within “Jaguarland” itself, stays here come with extra perks for wildlife lovers, as there are different bird species to spot and it is the only place in Pantanal you can see ocelots.

Itineraries & Prices

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7 Day - Jaguar Extreme Tour

itinerary map

Arrival to SouthWild Pantanal

PM: Meet your SouthWild guide at the Cuiaba Airport, eat lunch, and depart from Cuiaba by 2:30pm for a 3-hour drive to SouthWild Pantanal.

We stop along the way to observe abundant wildlife on the Transpantaneira Road. If you arrive to SouthWild Pantanal by 5:30 pm, you have the option to visit our Ocelot viewing site located only 400 meters from the lodge. In July 2017, Nat Geo broadcast our Ocelots live worldwide on National Geographic TV on their two-hour-long “Earth Wild” special. SouthWild Pantanal is the only lodge in the world where wild Ocelots are visible with a high probability on many evenings, and at close range and with excellent two-source lighting.

Overnight at SouthWild Pantanal (or Hotel Mato Grosso depending on availability, but meals are still at Southwild Pantanal).

Jaguar Flotel & Suites - Jaguar Extreme Tour
Cuiaba - SouthWild Pantanal
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Transpantaneira Safari & Boat Ride

AM: Observe abundant fauna around the lodge, enjoy breakfast, and at 7:00 am we depart in an open-sided, roofed Safari Truck or closed AC van to Porto Jofre. We stop on Transpantaneira to see wildlife; arriving at the end of road by 10:00 am. From here we take search boats on the Cuiaba River and travel upstream on the Three Brothers and São Lourenço Rivers to the Port of Capybara hotel for lunch.

PM: This afternoon we'll go on a 4-hour boat outing, followed by dinner and a fascinating science lecture.

Overnight at Jaguar Suites.

Jaguar Flotel & Suites - Jaguar Extreme Tour
SouthWild Jaguar Suites
2 / 7

Full-Day Boat Exploration

AM/PM: Today we begin our immersion into the wild riches of the region with two 4-hour boat outings in search of the local river channels' marvelous mammals and birdlife. Dependent upon conditions and recent sightings we may explore anywhere from the Lower São Lourenço River, the Upper Stretch of the Three Brothers, Canal de Carmindo, Lower Stretch of the Three Brothers, Black Channel, Cuiabá or Piquiri Rivers. In the evening you'll enjoy another science lecture.

Overnight at Jaguar Suites.

Jaguar Flotel & Suites - Jaguar Extreme Tour
SouthWild Jaguar Suites
3 / 7

Jaguar & Giant Otter Spotting

AM/PM: The thrill of spotting jaguars and giant otters beckons on another full day of skiff excursions along the richest river channels in search of our quarry. Our boat outings take place on the lesser-visited stretches of Jaguarland's rivers, namely from the 4th to the 30th bend of the Piquiri River, the 25th to the 75th bend of the Three Brothers River, and the lowest 15 curves of the São Lourenço River. These remote reaches of Jaguar-rich rivers are avoided by the vast majority of tourist boats as it consumes more gasoline to reach them, increasing the chances of more intimate, private jaguar sightings. In the evening you'll enjoy another science lecture.

Overnight at Jaguar Suites.

Jaguar Flotel & Suites - Jaguar Extreme Tour
SouthWild Jaguar Suites
4 / 7

Flora and Fauna Boat Ride

AM/PM: As our last full day in Jaguarland, we'll make one final push to see as many species as we can with two more 4-hour boat outings in search of the usual suspects and maybe some surprise species along the way. Again we'll be exploring the best local river channels for wildlife and in the evening you'll enjoy your final science lecture.

Overnight at Jaguar Suites.

Jaguar Flotel & Suites - Jaguar Extreme Tour
SouthWild Jaguar Suites
5 / 7

Leaving Jaguar Land & Pixiam River Exploration

AM: After breakfast we check-out, before a leisurely, 2-hour Jaguar search, descending the Three Brothers and Cuiabá Rivers to arrive at Porto Jofre by 9:00 am. From here you will take a road transfer to SouthWild Pantanal Lodge in an open Safari Truck, closed van or minibus.

PM: Lunch will be waiting for you upon your arrival to the lodge. This afternoon you can enjoy a 2-hour motorboat outing on the wildlife-rich Pixaim River. Try once again to see one of our Ocelots, then back to the lodge for your final dinner with us.

Overnight at SouthWild Pantanal (or Hotel Mato Grosso depending on availability, but meals are still at Southwild Pantanal).

Jaguar Flotel & Suites - Jaguar Extreme Tour
SouthWild Pantanal
6 / 7


AM: Observe fauna around lodge before your final breakfast. You will depart the lodge between 7:00-8:00 am in a closed, air-conditioned vehicle, transferred for your noon arrival to Cuiabá Airport.

Jaguar Flotel & Suites - Jaguar Extreme Tour
SouthWild Pantanal - Cuiabá
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Social Areas

Lecture Room
Restaurant View
Welcome Lecture

Suites & Cabins

Jaguar Flotel & Suites' Standard Cabin.
12 Cabins

Jaguar Suite

30 m² / 323 ft²
King / Twin

Each Jaguar Suites room offers a view of wild forest, two beds, 22 easy-access electric sockets and two large work tables. Each room offers work table space, 2 adjustable, padded desk chairs and Wi-Fi, ensuite hot-shower bathrooms, split air-conditioning, and enormous floor-to-ceiling windows gazing out across the 100-meter-wide Piquiri River and the Meeting of the Waters State Park.

Technical Information

Property Layout


  • Cabins with balconies
  • Air conditioning
  • Lecture room
  • WIFI available


  • Fishing equipment
** Use of certain equipment at additional cost, ask for details