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Macaws flying above the Amazon
Amazon River dolphins
Caiman with fish in his mouth
Lily pads Brazil Amazon
River cruise in the sunset
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Amazon Vacations

Explore a near-mythological realm of unimaginable biodiversity where man and nature are one, a long-lost world home to river monsters, giant trees, and uncontacted tribes where legend and lore is a way of life and the jaguar is king.
Peruvian Amazon
Subsumed in an arboreal labyrinth, 60% of Peru is claimed by the caimans and pink river dolphins of the Amazon, with its rainbow of birdlife in the dense jungle canopy, skulking jaguars, and fascinating indigenous tribes tucked out of sight.
Ecuadorian Amazon
It’s thought that the most species-rich part of the Amazon lies in Ecuador, lauded especially by birdwatchers. A rich tapestry of sound and colors, this often underrated section of tropical rainforest is not to be missed.
Bolivian Amazon
The Bolivian Amazon is one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. From the wetlands of the wildlife-abundant pampas to the impenetrable wilderness of the jungle, Bolivia perhaps offers the most budget-friendly and unique Amazon cruises.
Brazilian Amazon
It may be the lungs of the planet, but a cruise through the Brazilian Amazon is simply breathtaking. Through serpentine fingers of mist rolling amid treetops, down sun-seeking vines where treefrogs chirrup, a creeping crawling bounty lies in wait for you beneath the canopy.
Amazon River Cruise
Weaving its way through nine countries across the heart of South America, a cruise along the mighty Amazon River provides the ultimate expedition to one of the world's wildest frontiers that has attracted adventurous explorers for centuries.
Jungle Lodge
Wake up to the surreal sounds of the canopy's chorus from a luxurious treehouse bungalow or surrounded by the splendiferous wildlife of the misty cloudforest or pristine reserves deep in the Amazon jungle with a unique eco-lodge escape.
Wildlife Photography
Embark on an epic photographic adventure to the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, a challenging, wild stage where the greatest expressions of life on Earth are performed by a wonderful array of shy yet spectacular species waiting for their cue.
Exotic Regional Cuisine
Mother Nature's plentiful pantry offers a prodigious wealth of culinary delights, the rainforest a trove of exotic fruits, palm hearts and aromatic leaves, and the river a flurry of fresh fish, like the giant arapaima, or indeed piranha.

Why Visit the Amazon?

Over 5.5 million square kilometers of South America are swaddled in the Amazon Rainforest, an emerald green blanket pulsing with life and adventure. Bygone explorers may have come in search of the mythical golden city of El Dorado, but it is now the allure of its bedazzling natural riches that make Amazon vacations so appealing to modern-day explorers.

More than 1/3 of all animal species recorded in the world are found in the Amazon Basin, including 1/5 of all bird species on Earth. Sleep under starlit skies surrounded by the sounds of the rainforest canopy in a gravity-defying treehouse, explore the remote corners of this wild jungle realm from the comforts of a luxury Amazon lodge, or embark on an enrapturing Amazon River cruise deep into the ultimate untamed wilderness on remarkable Amazon Rainforest vacations.

Amazon Experiences


Sail the mighty Amazon in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil or Bolivia, aboard the region’s most remarkable riverboats, exclusively built for intrepid exploration of this extraordinary arterial river. Our hand-picked portfolio of Amazon river cruise ships are operated by only the most trusted of partners, preeminent pioneers in the region who offer exceptional itineraries, unrivaled knowledge, and utmost levels of service.

Zafiro cruising the Amazon
  • Amazon
  • Peru


Elegant luxury cruising into the depths of Peru's Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.
4 - 8 Days
$2,750 USD
Aqua Nera on the Amazon River
  • Amazon
  • Peru

Aqua Nera

An ultra luxury vessel oozing refined style, world-class cuisine and unrivaled service.
4 - 8 Days
$4,230 USD
  • Amazon
  • Peru

Delfin I

A beautiful boutique riverboat offering the most intimate and luxurious of Amazon cruises in Peru.
4 - 5 Days
$4,429 USD
Aria on the river
  • Amazon
  • Peru

Aria Amazon

A floating boutique hotel and masterpiece of refined style, custom-built to explore the Amazon.
4 - 8 Days
$3,615 USD
  • Amazon
  • Peru

Delfin III

Beautiful and affordable 5 star luxury in the heart of the Peruvian Rainforest.
4 - 5 Days
$2,979 USD
Amazon River Cruise Anakonda Ecuador
  • Amazon
  • Ecuador


Award-winning boutique vessel exploring Ecuador's biodiverse Oriente in luxurious style.
4 - 8 Days
$2,539 USD
Tucano on the river
  • Amazon
  • Brazil


A boutique boat pioneering sustainable exploration of the remote Central Amazon Conservation Complex.
5 - 7 Days
$1,750 USD
Spondias in the Amazon
  • Amazon
  • Peru
Private Charter


A boutique Amazon vessel boasting four comfortable cabins ideal for family or group adventures.
4 Days +
$3,600 USD
Delfin II cruising the Amazon
  • Amazon
  • Peru

Delfin II

A combination of a classic style riverboat and 5 star elegance in the Peruvian Amazon.
4 - 5 Days
$3,429 USD
Amazon Rainforest Manatee cruise
  • Amazon
  • Ecuador

Manatee Amazon Explorer

Superior cruising in the Ecuadorian Amazon, pairing comfort and quality with the wild of the jungle.
4 - 8 Days
$2,049 USD
Jacare Acu on the river
  • Amazon
  • Brazil


Alluring, intimate and action-packed riverboat cruises to the furthermost corners of the Amazon.
4 - 8 Days
$1,949 USD
Iberostar sailing
  • Amazon
  • Brazil

Iberostar Grand Amazon

An all-inclusive, floating resort offering live entertainment, comfort, and exciting excursions.
4 - 8 Days
$929 USD


Experience a thrilling stay in the depths of the Amazon, from spectacular rainforest spas in Ecuador, to exhilarating treehouse escapes in Peru, and breathtaking stilted bungalows in Brazil. Our curated Amazonian accommodation collection has been inspected first-hand by our local destination specialists to satisfy our strict criteria for authenticity, individuality and the highest of hospitality standards.

What Our Customers are Saying

The Manatee Amazon cruise in Ecuador was great and we would have no hesitation recommending Rainforest Cruises to our friends. The staff were friendly and accommodating. Ecuadorian food was delicious. I was glad we did 4 nights rather than 3 nights as it gave us more opportunities to view wildlife.
- Peter A.
Happy Couple On Skiff In The Amazon
Superlatives just aren't adequate to describe this once in a lifetime, high water opportunity. Exploring the Amazon accompanied by excellent guides and service by an exceptional crew made this trip a forever memory. Elegant and spacious, with plenty of hot water, our floating luxury hotel served us well.
- Rich M.
The cruise was awesome. There were more crew than clients, so the service was phenomenal. The meals were some of the best we had in Peru. The whole adventure was amazing. We saw hundreds of different birds, several species of monkeys, a sloth and a baby emerald tree boa. We would definitely recommend this trip to others and the service you provided was great.
- Donna P.
Our family of 6 had an incredible time on the Amazon Dream. We rang in the new year with a champagne and suckling pig roast dinner and a pop-up samba party on a beach in the middle of the Amazon. All of the guests agreed that the meals should be Michelin-rated. This cruise was extraordinary and Rainforest Cruises made the organization and reservation process very easy.
- Hochan W.
Happy Man Smiling On Beach


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