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Ha Long Bay from above
Beach by the large karst formation
Ha Long bay seen from the hill in Cat Ba National Park
Cave lit up with colorful lights
Person kayaking Ha Long Bay
Fishing farms among the Ha Long Bay karst formations
Pearls being taken out of the shells
Ha Long bay seen from the sea plane
Tai CHi treacher onboard
Asian dish on a plate
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Lan Ha & Halong Bay Cruises

A World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, Halong Bay is an enchanting vision of ethereal beauty, 2,000 towering limestone islands and islets dotted with secret hidden grottoes and steeped with the legends of dragons.
Lan Ha Bay
Lesser-known but no less spectacular, the lithesome limestone islets of Lan Ha Bay form a secret southward geological extension of Halong Bay, a secluded sanctum of tranquility, coral-filled waters and heavenly beaches hidden from the hoards.
Cat Ba National Park
Covering half of Halong Bay’s largest island and embedded in a World Biosphere Reserve, Cat Ba National Park is a nature wonderland of rugged mountains, lush primeval rainforests, mangroves and secluded bays – the habitat of diverse flora and fauna.
Sung Sot Cave
The crowning glory of Halong Bay’s incredible limestone caverns, stunning Sung Sot Cave surely lives-up to its ‘surprise grotto’ and ‘magical cave of wonders’ legend, with its two vast main chambers of fantastical rock formations and hidden nature.
A kayaker’s paradise, the calm emerald waters of the karst-riddled bays of Halong and Lan Ha are laden with hidden caves, secluded beaches and fascinating floating villages, the susurrus of secret shorelines enticing explorers to paddle closer.
Cua Van Fishing Village
Take a tour of picturesque Cua Van Village, one of Halong Bay’s last remaining floating fishing villages and experience first-hand the fishing communities' generations-old way of life on the water that is uniquely different from the mainland.
Pearl Farms
Besides cruising, another memorable Halong Bay experience is a fascinating tour of a pearl farm, where you can learn about the bay’s centuries-old tradition of saltwater pearl cultivation and how these precious marine products magically transform into shimmering gems.
Sea Plane Flights
Take a once-in-a-lifetime, spectacular 30-minute scenic flight over one of the planet’s most magnificent natural splendors, the sprawling Halong Bay complex and its otherworldly seascape of limestone karsts and mountains jutting out of emerald waters.
Lesser-known but no less spectacular, the lithesome limestone islets of Lan Ha Bay form a secret southward geological extension of Halong Bay, a secluded sanctum of tranquility, coral-filled waters and heavenly beaches hidden from the hoards.
Discover the legendary local ingredients and chef secrets of classic Vietnamese dishes, with live cooking demonstrations from open kitchens and interactive chef-led classes aboard special culinary-themed cruises, before dining alfresco with the bays’ stunning scenery for company.
A Sketch of Halong Bay

Why Visit Lan Ha & Halong Bay?

World Heritage Site, Halong Bay (‘Bay of Descending Dragons’) is one of Vietnam and Southeast Asia’s most magnificent natural splendors, 2,000 verdant limestone islands and islets jutting out of the Gulf of Tonkin’s emerald waters. Halong Bay cruises are an unforgettable way to experience this ethereal seascape and explore its mythical caves, grottoes and lagoons.

A southern extension of Halong Bay, extraordinarily beautiful Lan Ha Bay shares similar karst-studded scenery as its celebrated neighbor. However, as a relatively new cruise destination, Lan Ha offers travelers a more tranquil and remote voyage, where fewer tourist boats frequent. Pristine attractions include Cat Ba Island – Halong Bay’s largest island – and dazzling coral beaches. For an unrivaled Halong Bay overnight cruise experience, choose from one of our luxury Halong Bay cruises, including traditional-style junk vessels.

Halong Bay Experiences

Cruise Packages

Our custom Halong Bay tours seamlessly combine bay cruises with bespoke Vietnam tours featuring private expert-led excursions and curated accommodations. Browse our best-sellers below and begin an unforgettable journey tailored uniquely to you.


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